What it means to play for 630 Volleyball

A letter from Club Director Alex hurlburt

Ever since I started coaching volleyball, I have been obsessed with being ‘the best’ — the best coach, having the most successful team, helping kids become the most successful individually, etc.. This obsession drove me to pursue coaching opportunities that would place me along side of the best in the industry in order to learn all that I could about the sport of volleyball and the art of coaching. It became clear to me after a few years that coaching volleyball and working to be ‘the best’ was what I wanted to do for the next multiple decades of my life.

Now, after years of studying the game and growing as a coach, 630 Volleyball is the realization of the obsession that gripped me when I first started coaching. I could not be more excited to get started!

630 Volleyball was founded with a simple mission in mind: to create a space for athletes in the Chicagoland-area to come together to earn National Championships and prepare for collegiate volleyball careers.

The first part of this mission — to earn National Championships — is fairly straight forward. This may sound like a lofty goal for a newer club, but we can’t help but have it. We recognize that stating this goal publicly makes us vulnerable to criticism, but we are not looking for the easy route here at 630 Volleyball. We would much rather be true to ourselves and our passions; competing to be the best of the best is what motivates and drives us.

The second part of this mission is to prepare athletes for collegiate volleyball careers. As volleyball in Chicago has grown in popularity, so has the interest in playing volleyball beyond the high-school level. This is fantastic for the sport, and 630 Volleyball is in the unique position to be able to help players with their collegiate playing goals because of our connections with college programs across the country.

Playing with 630 will be a training experience unlike any other in the area — as players will learn to find fun in self-improvement, discipline, and hard work. We know that our on-court goals are lofty, but we just can’t help it: winning and being ‘the best’ is what motivates the 630 Volleyball team. We have spent the better part of the last decade learning what it means and takes to be great, and we have become obsessed with the goal of acquiring this through intentional self-development. We hope that mindset of growth and development will be adopted by those athletes who choose to train with us.

If being the best you can be is what motivates you, look no further — 630 Volleyball is where you belong.